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I have set up Encouragement Email Marketing.
I would like to give my sales team access to it through the joomla administrator back end.
I have a joomla user group and joomla access level 'sales team' to which the users belong.
I go to the joomla permission settings and set 'Configure ACL & Options' and 'Access Administration Interface' to 'Allowed' for 'sales team'
When my sales team log in to the back end, the menu option 'Encourage Email Marketing' appears in the 'Components' menu. But when they click on one of the options, for example 'Dashboard' they get an error - 'Error You are not authorised to view this resource.'
I guess that this is a big, as I have set them up with access to other components and it works ok.
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I was able to solve this by renaming the default 'Admin' group to be 'sales team', and assigning my sales team to that.
I suspect that the id of the default Admin group is hardcoded somewhere. So even with permissions set, a new group was not able to see the component.
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