Encouragement - Group Emails PRO

The ONLY Joomla extension that allows you to send emails to groups!

Encouragement is your way to easily run and manage email campaigns to reach and connect with your customers or community. Forget about exporting and importing data, making lists and using a third party email service to reach your customers. You can successfully market to your customers or users with email using your Joomla site.

Encouragement - Group Emails has the major third party integrations to make sending email campaigns on your Joomla site easier than ever before.

Expanded Features.

Schedule Emails

Select whether you want the email to send to your customers daily, weekly or monthly. Then select the day and the time. Scheduling an email is easy. No need to use a mass email provider! Use the power of your joomla site to get your customers back to your site.


Target the Email

Encouragement component will automatically detect which of the integration components are present in your Joomla installation. The components that we integrate with (Virtuemart, Hikashop, Payplans, AEC, Joomla User Manager, AdAgency) will show up here and based on which component you select you will see the groups that belong to that component. This is the product product/plan/membership/subscription that you want to use to segment your user base.

Targeting your emails to groups of users is a great way to generate additional sales on your site. People who have made a purchase on your site have already shown tremendous interest in your service or product and with the proper encouragement, they may become repeat customers.


Quick Send Emails

This is for those times that scheduling an email may be inconvenient. If you want to bypass the scheduling of an email and just want to send the email right now you can use the Quick Send. Click 'Send' next to an encouragement email and this will send the mailing right then and there.


Create Emails with WYSIWYG Editor

Design and create your email right from the Joomla backend. Or paste HTML in via the HTML editor. Add articles, images, read more links with the email editor. Emails are designed by you and we never add any of our own branding to emails that go out to your customers.


Print Email

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