Supercharge Google Analytics

$99.00 each
Premium Support (1 hr)
1 Year
1 Year
Tracking code setup - Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager
Custom event setup to track significant visitor events which are not tracked automatically by Google Analytics
Template goals
Custom goals
Create ‘funnels for goals’
Basic set of custom alerts
10% weekly increase/decrease in visits
10% weekly increase/decrease in conversion rate and/or value for each goal
10% weekly increase/decrease in Ecommerce revenue
Raw View: no view settings or filters applied at all (also serves as backup)
Test View: use this view to test settings, filters, and goals before applying them to your working view(s)
Working View: this view should have basic settings and filters applied.
Setup appropriate user and access rights for your organization
Access Rights: Manage Users, Edit, Collaborate, Read & Analyze
Access rights can be applied at all levels of the account structure: Account, Property, View