JS SF Web2Lead RSMemberships Integration

$29.99 each
1 Year
1 Year

JS SF Web2Lead RSMembership Integration is a plugin that sends data from Joomla & RSMembership to Salesforce Web2Lead API after a user has subscribed to a membership plan in RSMembership. Insert subscribers in your RSMembership store as Salesforce leads. This plugin gives you complete control of the data you're sending into SalesForce and how it maps with the data in Joomla & RSMembership. With mapping options for the standard fields and the ability to name and map custom fields, you have the flexibility to custom integrate your Joomla & RSMembership store with SalesForce Web2Lead.

What's included...

  • plg_js_sfweb2lead_RSMembership-v1.0.0-j3x.zip - The plugin that powers the connection between Joomla & RSMembership and SalesForce Web2Lead.
  • 1 Year of free, knowledgeable support!
  • 1 Year of software updates!
  • Free, lifetime forum access!
    • Toggle between production SalesForce and sandbox Salesforce (using either Live or Test mode)
    • Enable debugging including entering a debugging email address where you'll be emailed debugging data during SalesForce Web2Lead transactions
    • Fields provided so you can enter a Campaign ID and Record Type ID
    • Field provided for Lead Source (Possible values: Web, Phone Inquiry, Partner Referral, Purchased List, Other)
    For each of the following SalesForce Fields...

    first_name, last_name, title, company, email, phone, street, city, state, zip, country, mobile, fax, emailOptOut, faxOptOut, doNotCall

    You can also create custom fields, name them whatever you'd like and map them to any of the values listed below!

    Map the field to your choice of these values from Joomla & RSMembership
    • Subscribed Joomla User - Name
    • Subscribed Joomla User - Username
    • Subscribed Joomla User - Email
    • Subscribed Joomla User - Registration Date
    • Subscribed Joomla User - Last Visit Date
    • RSMembership Subscriber - Street
    • RSMembership Subscriber - City
    • RSMembership Subscriber - State
    • RSMembership Subscriber - Zip
    • RSMembership Subscriber - Country
    • RSMembership Membership Plan - Name
    • RSMembership Membership Plan - Price
    • Plugin Parameters - Organization ID
    • Plugin Parameters - Lead Source
    • IP Address
    • Datetime Format (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss)
    • Date Format (yyyy-mm-dd)
    • Date Format (mm/dd/yyyy)
    • Static, user defined value

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