JS Google Content Experiments

JS Google Content Experiments
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JS Google Content Experiments is a module built to help you easily conduct split testing using Google Analytics' Experiments functionality. To get started simply create your experiment in your Google Analytics account. Create multiple articles in your Joomla Article Manager. These articles will be used as the variations in our experiment. JS Google Content Experiments allows up to 5 variations per experiment. Get the Google Experiment ID and add it to the module's parameters and your ready to go!

During your experiment, the percentage of traffic that experiences your content experiment sees either your original page or one of your variation pages. Content Experiments collects information about how well each page encourages users to accomplish the goal you chose or how well it improves the metric you chose, and then calculates which pages are performing best, how they compare to your original page, and how certain you can be that the variation in performance is not due to chance.

At Joomlasales.com our mission is to enable Joomla webmasters to make better marketing decisions. If you're running Google Experiments on your site to split test the effects of multiple types of pages then you're definitely in the 1% of Joomla website marketers and JS Google Content Experiments module can make your work easier.

  • Enter your Experiment ID
  • Select your variation Article pages (up to 5)

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