JS Google Tag Manager Ecommerce

JS Google Tag Manager Ecommerce
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JS Google Tag Manager Ecommerce is a Joomla 3x plugin made to add both your Google Tag Manager container into your site's pages and Google Ecommerce Analytics Tracking for Tag Manager to your Hikashop store.

After a successful order has been paid and confirmed on your Hikashop Store, order data will be pushed into the data layer and Google Tag Manager's Ecommerce Tag can act upon the data and transmit the data into your Google Analytics account.

Why should I use Ecommerce Tracking?

Based upon collected Ecommerce Data in your Google Analytics, you can develop an understanding of:

Which products sell well, and by inference, which products are best suited for your customer base and which are supported by your best marketing efforts.

The revenue per transaction, and the number of products per transaction. For example, if the number of products per transaction is lower than you'd like, you might benefit from offering better quantity discounts, or eliminating shipping costs if customers meet a minimum dollar amount.

How long (in time and in number of sessions) it takes customers to make the decision to purchase. If your sales cycle is stable, or fluctuates predictably based on product or season, you can use this information (in conjunction with overall sales forecasts) to make reliable predictions about revenue. If customers routinely make numerous visits before they purchase, you might think about a site design that leads more easily to your purchase pages, or options that let users compare your products and prices to your competitors'.

Add Google Tag Manager Container to all of your site's pages

  • Head over to the plugin manager
  • Search for 'JS Google Tag Manager Ecommerce'
  • Locate and click into the plugin
  • Add your Google Tag Manager Container ID (GTM-XXXX)
  • Enable the plugin

Enable Google Tag Manager Ecommerce Tracking

  • Select 'Yes' on 'Hikashop Ecommerce Tracking'
  • Create Google Ecommerce Analytics Tag from Google's interface (tagmanager.google.com) and give it a trigger of type Custom Event
  • Name your Custom Event and (something like myEvent) and then save/publish your Tag Container
  • Enter the event name in the configuration of the plugin

Google Tag Manager Container is now in all of your site's pages and the correct Hikashop transaction order data will be pushed to the Data Layer after an order has been fully confirmed and paid. You're done!

Our Goal

Joomlasales.com was created to help Joomla webmasters to get more out of their site. There is so much that can be done on-site to boost your conversion rate. This all starts with tracking. The fact that you're adding Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking to your site is a great start!

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