JS Countdown Timer

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JS Countdown Timer is a Joomla 3x plugin designed to help you display a countdown easily with just a simple shortcode. Choose between four very different types of customizable countdown timers which will help you to communicate a sense of urgency to your customers helping to increase your sales.

What's the benefit of using a countdown timer on my landing page?

It's a proven fact, countdown timers can help to increase your landing page conversion rates!

The majority of people procrastinate when it comes to buying things often not buying until the last minute. It's easy for people to rationalize their decision and say "well I need some time to think about it first". What this really means is your call to action hasn't fully convinced your users to immediately act on your call to action.

The countdown timer is designed to stop users from second guessing the decision to convert on your landing page. We want users to convert on your landing page before they've had the chance to talk themselves out of it.

The countdown timer provides a visual time contraint that will compel users to buy now or miss out on a great deal.

What's included with purchase?

  • jscountdowntimer-v1.1.0-j3x.zip - JS Countdown Timer v1.1.0 - display 4 types of customizable countdown timers
  • 1 Year of free knowledgeable support!
  • 1 Year of software updates!
  • Free, lifetime forum access


  • Easy to use plugin shortcode
  • Choose from 4 different types of countdown timer - Raw, Flip, Circular, Box
  • Raw Timer: set the end datetime, change datetime display format using format string
  • Flip Timer: set the end datetime and your ready to go
  • Circular Timer: set the end datetime, control width, height, colors, fonts, thickness and more
  • Box Timer: set the end datetime, control colors
Circular Timer

Circular Timer

Flip Timer

Flip Timer

Box Timer

Box Timer

Raw Timer

Raw Timer

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