JS Promo Bar

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JS Promo Bar is a highly customizable Joomla module for showing a promo bar across the top or bottom of your webpage. JS Promo Bar has a wide array of possible configurations including displaying important information to site visitors or showcasing a product or service in a place where users are guaranteed to notice without being overly intrusive to visitors browsing your site.

  • Set notification bar position to top or bottom
  • Set notification message using editor
  • Set the delay
  • Set the animation speed
  • Add a custom css class to style the notification bar
  • Toggle the close X on or off
  • Add text to the close X or don't
  • Toggle the waiting for close so that the bar won't close unless the close X is clicked
Getting Started

Create a new module instance of type JS Promo Bar from your Joomla module manager. Place the module in the debug position for your template and select the menu items which you would like to show JS Promo Bar on and you're all done.

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