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JS Google Analytics


JS Google Analytics was designed to make Google Analytics site implementation easier. We've worked hard to make this extension a reality and to provide everything you'll need to be successful with our software (including excellent documentation as well as a support forum).

However, if you've purchased one of our extensions and can't find what you need here, then please contact support and we'll be happy to help you. Premium support is only for our paid users and it includes professional, hands-on help with solving any kind of issue imaginable relating to our software.


In order to enjoy the full benefits of JS Google Analytics please make sure to follow the install instructions completely as they are laid out below. Many problems can be avoided by doing so.

Install each of the following extensions using standard Joomla! installation procedure (Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Install). After all extensions have been installed, make sure to enable the plugins from the plugin manager.

  • plg_joomlasalesgoogleanalytics-v-1.1.zip - JS Google Analytics v1.1 - adds tracking code to DOM

Getting Started

The first step would be to get your Google ID (UA-XXXXXXXX-X). Without this ID your Google Analytics tracking code will be placed in your page but will not correctly transmit data to your Google Analytics account. This is important!

The next step is to add your domain name to the domain field (http://yoursite.com or http://www.yoursite.com). Please use whichever version you are using for your site.

Set Tracking type to Universal Analytics for best practice but there is also Classic Analytics.

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